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Artwork by  Alina Paulsen , Design by  Ariela Kader

Artwork by Alina Paulsen, Design by Ariela Kader

About Home state


Home State is a pop-rock band from New York City comprised of David Berliner (percussion), Alex Friedlander (vocals), Matt Gralla (guitar, keys), and Jordan Glaser (bass, guitar, keys).

David Berliner, Alex Friedlander and Matt Gralla met at the University of Pennsylvania and played in the same music scene before moving to New York City to pursue their life-long dreams of working in finance and tech (just kidding). The stars aligned one fateful summer day in 2015, and the three teamed up to form Home State and pursue their shared passion more seriously. Long-time friend Jordan Glaser joined to solidify the band in 2017.

Home State's first single "Without Your Love" has been featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds & United States Viral 50 playlists and can be found on all major music platforms. Home State's music is rooted in rock, but is also heavily influenced by pop, R&B, and alternative music. They have been compared to Bob Moses, Chet Faker and Maroon 5.

Vocals / Alex Friedlander
Guitar, Keys / Matt Gralla
Bass, Guitar, Vocals / Jordan Glaser
Drums / David Berliner


Home State Tour




Where Are Ü Now (Jack Ü ft. Justin Bieber Cover) / 8.22.17 / LIVE at Sofar Sounds New York @ The Brass Factory

Say My Name (Destiny's Child Cover) / 6.08.17 / LIVE at The Gordon Bar @ SIXTY Soho

Out of Touch Release Party / 6.08.17 / Recap Video

Out of Touch / 6.09.17 / Official Audio

Without Your Love / 3.17.17 / Official Audio